Sunday, January 06, 2008

Terrain Sculptor Version 1.1.1 - Addresses Login Error

Some users with some accounts get this error message when logging in through Terrain Sculptor 1.1: "Error retrieving the login response from the server". This is caused by an issue in libsl. It doesn't effect every account; it seems to effect avatars with substantial inventories. If you are getting this error using Terrain Sculptor 1.1, one option is simply to try logging in with an alt with a small inventory. I've been using the tool with an alt without any problems, even though my main account gets the login error.

Another option is version 1.1.1 of Terrain Sculptor. The login issue has been fixed in libsl by a new login system, but the new system is not part of an official release yet. Version 1.1.1 of Terrain Sculptor uses the development version of libsl to avoid the issue. In theory the development version is not reliable, but I haven't run into any problems effecting Terrain Sculptor yet. One difference with the new version is that logins and teleports often seem slower.

As soon as an official release of libsl with the login fix exists, I'll be updating Sculptor to use it.

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royce said...

Hi there, thanks for your effort! I've successfully used TS 1.1.1 in SL to create scale model terrains. I am also using OpenSIM to learn more about generating terrains and I would like to use TS to login to my OpenSIM server. Do you have any exp with OpenSIM? Any idea how I can login to it with TS??