Monday, June 11, 2007

Lathe Build Tool Now Available

The Cadroe Lathe build tool is now available through SLExchange.

The Lathe allows you to construct a large shape merely by defining the curve of its outline. You create the curve by adjusting the handles of a bezier curve, familiar to users of Photoshop, and a preview of the outline is generated for you immediately. The Lathe is ideal for creating shapes such as the onion dome of the Taj Mahal, a giant champagne glass, or any shape with a smooth curve. See the accompanying pictures for examples of what the Lathe can do.
The shape produced by the Lathe is highly customizable. You can adjust the thickness, as well as override the height and witdh of each block. You can set the color, texture, alpha and texture scale. The Lathe can also generate only a certain section of the final shape, or rotate the shape by an amount you specify. The Lathe creates the shape by rezzing and arranging mutliple box prims. The more prims that are used, the smoother the shape.

For a quick demonstration and complete instructions, please visit the Lathe web page.

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