Monday, September 12, 2005

Second Life Desktop Images

I made myself a desktop image of the Second Life mainland, and thought I'd post it in case anyone else would like it. I made three different sizes, each of which is a jpg.

1280x1024 - 1024x768 - 800x600


Torley said...

Whoa... Cadroe, nice to be visitin' on here—do you have any higher-qual versions of these without JPEG fringing? :)

Patrick said...

Howdy Torley! I don't have any larger versions handy. Are you looking to use them as a desktop? The problem is that they're quite huge. I'm using the 1280x1024 one myself, and that would be several megabytes in uncompressed form. I figured since they're desktop images, people wouldn't be zooming on them or anything.

On a side note, since you can save maps out of Grid Chart, when I make that app available people will be able to make desktop images for themselves (including with hubs, sim names, markers, etc. displayed if they want).

patrick aka Cadroe

Torley said...

I'm just looking to look at them to admire how much the world has grown. :) Hmmm... PNGs wouldn't be too bad, would they? I mean, they'd still be a lot larger than the JPGs, but look cleaner.

Great to hear about Grid Chart tho. Look forward to more info on that. ^_^