Saturday, June 06, 2009

Spinmass Web Site Redesign

I've redesigned my Spinmass web site. Mostly it's the same content with a new visual design and structure. Old links should redirect to new versions of the pages. In the future I plan to post less content here, and keep the site more up to date. This blog would then be more for comments, ideas, etc.

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Vanish said...

Hello there,

I've just noticed that the Spinmass site is offline. I've written a tutorial on how to create SL terrain with Terragen, and Bailiwick was an important part of converting the terrain files to sim raw files ( ). Since Bailiwick isn't available from the Spinmass site anymore, I wanted to ask if there's any other site it can be downloaded from or, when not, if I can share it myself so people can still use it.

I'm sorry to contact you through the blog comments, but it's the only way I found to reach you. Thanks for your great work and eventual reply.


CGI Flythrough said...

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